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The registered trademark of "Tian Yu" is a famous trademark in Jiangsu province.

The company has developed into a comprehensive new modern

enterprise group in the sewage treatment industry.

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  • First

    Equal competition and survival of the fittest

  • Second

    Raise strength and avoid weaknesses

  • third

    Take care of both study and work

  • Fourth

    Be brave to face and conquer the challenge

  • Fifth

    Respect others and treat each other with sincerity

Morality first
Morality is the primary standard for recruiting of Jiangsu Tianyu Group, and candidates with unqualified morality are not accepted.
Performance orientation
Performance is the embodiment of ability and an important criterion for talent selection.
Continuous learning
We encourage our employees to learn and have lifelong learning. We believe that learning is the only way for people to make continuous progress.
Cultural unity
We recognize, practice and disseminate common values and codes of conduct.

Talents-oriented, being sincere to talents, recruit talents, and fair competition