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What is the significance of grill cleaning machine for urban construction?


Many people know the role of grill cleaners, but why does grill cleaners play an important role in urban construction? Its significance is not only to keep water resources clean, but also to provide protection for the provision of high-quality water facilities.

What are the advantages of grill cleaning machine


The grill cleaning machine adopts a unique suspension guide rail design. The grill cleaning machine can meet the needs of various fields and spaces and has a wide range of applications. Economical and practical grab bucket and reliable hydraulic opening and closing bucket mechanism have high cleaning effect on various kinds of dirt.

Features of Scraper Suction Machine


With the development of society, the level of people's clothing, food, housing and transportation has gradually improved, and the requirements for special tools have become higher and higher. Under the call of people and the improvement of technology, the peripheral drive scraping and suction mud machine came into being. The peripheral drive scraper and suction machine is a product that integrates an automatic control box, a coagulation heat treatment tank, a mud extraction and drying itself, and a liquid collection tank. Under the standard of automatic operation, effective coagulation can be maintained, mud discharge and drying work can be continued, and the peripheral scraping and suction mud machine and mud suction equipment can successfully complete the interception and collection work.

How to choose the right scraper and suction machine


There are many factories now, so there is a lot of pollution. Especially in the sedimentation process of sewage treatment plants, a large amount of sludge will be produced, which contains various metal elements, inorganic particles, microorganisms and a small amount of organic components. The market economy of scraping and suction mud machine is a circular body, and there is supply when there is demand, which leads to the emergence of more and more environmental protection enterprises.

Installation and commissioning of 4 in-flow rotary filter grid grille dumping machines in Xuzhou Jietai Gate and Yanjiaba dam wa


The in-water linkage debugging of the four inflow rotary screen-type grid fouling machines in the Xutai Jietai Gate and Yanjiaba Dam water intakes of the Xuzhou City was smoothly carried out, and the test operation performance met the design and use requirements.

Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group employees badminton friendly match ended successfully


In order to further enrich the staff's cultural life, ease the work pressure of employees, strengthen internal communication and communication, enhance teamwork and centripetal force, and advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle among the employees, under the cordial care of Chairman Wang Minggen, the May Fourth Youth On the occasion of the festival, the Party Branch, the Group Association, the Youth League, and the Women’s Federation jointly organized the Tianyu Group Badminton Friendship. The match was decided by one champion and two runner-ups. At the closing ceremony, Wang Minggen, the chairman of the group, awarded medals and prizes to the winners. Through this badminton competition, we will further strengthen the communication between employees, create a more harmonious atmosphere, and inspire the broad masses of employees to make contributions in their posts with a healthy body, noble sentiments, and hard work, to better work for the next step and create for the company. Make a good foundation for greater efficiency.