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The registered trademark of "Tian Yu" is a famous trademark in Jiangsu province.

The company has developed into a comprehensive new modern

enterprise group in the sewage treatment industry.

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Jiangsu Tianyu Qingyuan Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.

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ADD:Shanghuangzhuang and Taipingzhuang, Shuanggou, Xiannv Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City
Jiangsu Tianyu Qingyuan Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. was registered and established on June 20, 2002 in Yangdu Jiangdu District Market Supervision Administration.
Since established, we always make our business practicability, and our business reputation is rising all long. Our achievements have been unanimously recognized by the market and industry colleagues.
Jiangsu Tianyu Qingyuan Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd.We mainly engage in sewage treatment. We provide quality products and services, and have a professional sales and after-sales team. We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate with us!