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Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group employees badminton friendly match ended successfully

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In order to further enrich the staff's cultural life, ease the work pressure of employees, strengthen internal communication and communication, enhance teamwork and centripetal force...
In order to further enrich the staff's cultural life, ease the work pressure of employees, strengthen internal communication and communication, enhance teamwork and centripetal force, and advocate a healthy and civilized lifestyle among the employees, under the cordial care of Chairman Wang Minggen, the May Fourth Youth On the occasion of the festival, the Party Branch, the Group Association, the Youth League, and the Women’s Federation jointly organized the Tianyu Group Badminton Friendship.
The match was decided by one champion and two runner-ups. At the closing ceremony, Wang Minggen, the chairman of the group, awarded medals and prizes to the winners.
Through this badminton competition, we will further strengthen the communication between employees, create a more harmonious atmosphere, and inspire the broad masses of employees to make contributions in their posts with a healthy body, noble sentiments, and hard work, to better work for the next step and create for the company. Make a good foundation for greater efficiency.