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Analysis of the use and working principle of monorail underwater scraper

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The single-track underwater scraper is suitable for scraping mud from a large water supply plant or a rectangular sedimentation tank of a sewage treatment plant. The underwater scraper is used...
Use and brief
The single-track underwater scraper is suitable for scraping mud from a large water supply plant or a rectangular sedimentation tank of a sewage treatment plant. The underwater scraper is used to scrape the sludge at the bottom of the advection sedimentation tank from the discharge area to the influent area, and finally the sludge. It is concentrated in the mud pits scraped into the inflow area, replacing the traditional siphon type dredger that is sucked while walking.
Working principle
Driven by the driving device, two scraping trolleys are pulled by the traction chain and the traction rope at the bottom of the pool. The scraper on the scraper truck continuously scrapes the sediment and sediment from the bottom of the pool. The mud tank is collected and discharged by the drain pipe. When the scraper is vertically erected toward the mud pit, the process of scraping is called the scraping process. The large and small scrapers on the scraper are perpendicular to the bottom of the tank; when the trolley reaches the designated position, a scraping process is completed. After that, the touch rod on the scraping trolley touches the limit wire, and the driving device reverses the return of the trolley. At the same time as the return of the trolley, the vertically erected scraper is turned into parallel with the bottom of the pool. The two left and right trolleys are continuously reciprocated to scrape the mud, ensuring that the bottom sludge is completely scraped clean. After the trolley completes a scraping process, the scraper is slowly flipped parallel to the bottom of the tank, which can effectively prevent the sludge from agitating when the scraper returns to the starting position, thereby ensuring the sedimentation effect of the 
Main advantages of water in monorail underwater scraper
1. The difference between the monorail underwater scraper and the traditional chain scraper and truss suction scraper is that the scraping mechanism is completely sunk at the bottom of the pool and is not constrained by the space inside the pool. The scraper of the advection sedimentation tank of the pipe and the packing, the single set of scraper can be used in the pool body with a width of 16 meters, and is not bound by the length and depth of the pool body. The longer the length of the pool body, the better the economic benefits of the equipment.
2. The equipment has a large working load. The scraping process of each trolley can scrape the amount of 200-400Kg of dry sludge, and is suitable for sludge scraping of various properties.
3. The drive sprocket is equipped with a torque pin protection device. When the equipment is overloaded, the torque pin will automatically break and alarm, which will protect the equipment; and it may indicate that there may be foreign objects falling into the bottom of the pool or the condition of the trolley needs to be repaired.
Main structure and material
The scraper mainly consists of a traction ring chain, a scraping trolley mechanism, a sprocket and a sprocket frame, a bottom rail and a fixing device, a driving guide sprocket, an overload protection device, a positive reversing control device, a driving device protection cover, Control box, central deceleration drive, and other components.