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Analysis on the treatment of domestic garbage and sewage

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Explosion accidents and fires. The landfill release gas consists of a large amount of CH4 and CO2. When the concentration of CH4 in the air reaches 5% to 15%, it is easy to cause an explosion. The lan
The hazards of landfills are:
1) Explosion accidents and fires. The landfill release gas consists of a large amount of CH4 and CO2. When the concentration of CH4 in the air reaches 5% to 15%, it is easy to cause an explosion. The landfill gas explosion that occurred in Yangfang Town, Changping County, Beijing is a typical representative.
2) Groundwater pollution. Volatile organic compounds and CO2 in the landfill release gas will dissolve into the groundwater, breaking the equilibrium pressure of CO2 in the original groundwater, promoting the dissolution of CaCO3, and causing the hardness of the groundwater to rise. The escape of landfill gas from a fully enclosed landfill can cause lining leakage, which increases the leaching of the leachate and causes groundwater contamination.
3) Increased global warming. CH4 and CO2 are the main greenhouse gases, they will produce a greenhouse effect, which will warm the global climate, while CH4 will destroy ozone by 40 times that of CO2, and the greenhouse effect will be more than 20 times higher than that of CO2, and landfill gas. The content of CH4 is 40% to 60%.
4) Causes plant suffocation. Although CH4 does not have a direct physiological effect on vascular plants, it can reduce the oxygen level in the rhizosphere of plants through direct gas replacement or through the consumption of oxygen by methane bacteria, causing the plant root zone to die due to lack of oxygen. In addition, CH4 promotes the formation of C2H4 under anaerobic conditions.
5) The landfill gas contains carcinogenic and teratogenic organic volatile gases, and its malodorous smell is easy to cause human discomfort.
Different garbage has different processing workshops. The garbage disposal workshop is used to sort the garbage disposal workshop to establish a system like a food chain. At the same time, useful use should be used where it is needed to turn useless into very useful. If the burned heat is converted into electricity, the discharged gas is classified and absorbed.These are the constituent frameworks in the process. The following are the foundations that are necessary and important. That is the attitude and common sense of the rural people. If the source is not handled well, it will take time and effort to implement it. If the source is solved well, it will be much easier. To be better implemented, a concise rule must be formulated, and it must be implemented in a strong manner. Relevant departments should also provide common sense issues and infrastructure.