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Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group undertakes "513 Questions, Wisdom and Environmental Protection Forum" to develop wisdom, protect green mountains and waters

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Romantic May, creating a gorgeous colors. Passionate May, shows our entrepreneurship perseverance. On May 14, at 2:30 p.m., sponsored by the People's Government of Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, and sponsored by Zhenwu Town People's Government and Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group, the second "513 Summit Environmental Protection Industry Forum" co-sponsored by Jiangdu Environmental Protection Industry Association and China Research Institute of Green Finance opened in Changqing International Hotel Yangtze Hall.
This "Forum on Environmental Protection Industry" is a large-scale academic seminar of the second "513" Summit of Jiangdu District's Question Capital, and also another grand event with milestone significance in the development of Jiangdu's environmental protection industry. Mr. Yang Deyin, Standing Committee of Jiangdu District Committee, Secretary of Political and Legal Committee, Secretary Chen Xiuping, International Cooperation Center of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, President Xiu Guangli, School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, East China University of Technology, and Dr. Cao Guihua, Deputy Engineer of Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group participated in the speech or speech.
Environmental protection industry is the traditional dominant industry in Jiangdu. After many years of cultivation and development, it has basically formed a complete industrial chain covering water, gas, solid waste treatment and soil remediation. A number of key key enterprises led by Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group have emerged. The industry's influence and market competitiveness have been continuously strengthened, which has developed for the high quality of Jiangdu's economy and society. The exhibition has made positive contributions.
   In his speech, Yang Deyin said that with the in-depth practice of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, the protection of ecological environment has risen to an unprecedented height, which provides an important strategic opportunity for the new round of development of environmental protection industry.
Dr. Cao Guihua made a research report on "Intelligent Development Trend of Water Treatment Industry". He pointed out that "Intelligent Environmental Protection Intelligent Water Plant and Intelligent Municipal Pipeline Network Maintenance Management will be springing up in the water treatment industry to improve the management, control and efficiency of water treatment work".
Secretary Chen Xiuping, International Cooperation Center of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, gave a guidance report on the development practice and future of environmental protection industrial agglomeration zones. He emphasized that "China's environmental protection industrial agglomeration zones are mainly concentrated in economically developed areas with high industrialization and strong scientific and technological innovation ability. We should take scientific and technological innovation as the orientation, strengthen international cooperation, and turn the development direction of environmental protection industry into complete set, cutting-edge, serialization, standardization and intelligence.
Xiu Guangli, Dean of the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, East China University of Technology, gave an academic report on Integrating Advanced Science and Technology and Serving Eco-environmental Protection. He analyzed that the future development direction of intelligent environmental protection is intelligent monitoring. Precise management should be done to strengthen environmental monitoring of atmosphere, water and solid waste. Control pollution from the source, and study the technology of resource recovery and utilization, and do a good job of terminal treatment.
The reports of Secretary Chen, Abbot Cao and other three leading experts have provided us with a rich meal of development concepts. Leading experts analyze the form and build a high house; point out the way to see the sun through clouds; call the spirit and inspire us to advance. In this forum, the participants present benefited a lot and gained a lot.
The "Environmental Protection Industry Forum" was successfully concluded with warm applause from the participants. Secretary Peng Song of Zhenwu Town Party Committee, President of Jiangdu Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chairman Wang Minggen of Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group, and General Manager Wang Qijun of Jiangsu Tianyu Environmental Protection Group have given great help and guidance to this forum, making the content of the forum closely related to the actual situation of Jiangdu environmental protection industry wisdom development, further enhancing the social influence and industry promotion of this forum. Power.
Today is a new starting point for Jiangdu environmental protection enterprises. We eagerly hope that Jiangdu environmental protection enterprises will cooperate, tolerate and support each other in the future development journey, and make suggestions for the development of Jiangdu local environmental protection industry. Let Jiangdu environmental protection industry strength stronger, brand louder, more efficient!